Connecting with other students is important, whether it be face to face on in an online setting.  Keystone offers opportunities for students to interact with other Keystone students from all over the world.  Take a look at what is available! 

Keystone Clubs

Keystone Gamerz Club: 

The Whether you are an expert gamer, a causual gamer, or just somone who likes playing games for fun, this club is for you! This club is made to cater to all kinds of "gamers." It is importantn to seek enjoyment in life. Video games, card games, board games, etc. All esist to bring joy into our lives. The Gamerz Club will meet once a month via Blackboard Collaborate. Contact advisors: Mr. Wishnie and Mr. Dykstra for more information. 

Science Club: 

Are you fascinated by all things Science? Do you enjoy learning about animals? Does the mind and how it works interest you? Are you just looking to connect with other students your age and discuss fun things from different fields of Science? If you said yes to any of these questions, then the Science Club is for you! We currently meet once a month and have a fun filled hour where we talk about an array of topics from all fields of Science. We keep it interesting by having teacher and/or student led presentations with lots of interaction. Recent topics have included Green Chemistry, Creating a Mind Palace, and Saving the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Joining the Science club will help you connect with other Keystone students by sharing about the things that interest you, while learning more about the things that interests them! If you are interested in learning more about this club, email Mrs. Berich

Photography Club: 

The Keystone Photography Club (KPC) encourages members to share, explore and enjoy the art of photography. It encourages and motivates members to take photographs and share results with like-minded fellow students. Members will enhance their creative, technical and communication skills and gain a sense of tolerance and understanding for diverse viewpoints. If you are interested in joining the Photography Club, please contact Ms. Laubach for more information.

High School Computer Coding Club:

The Computer Coding club will be hosted twice a month. Students can be open to talk about different techniques for coding or simply be infused with new platforms that will aide in computer coding. Java, Python, Web Design, Visual Studio, and Multimedia Fusion 2.5. We will have outside projects provided by Mr. Karlik or programming websites that will incorporate different types of platforms. Please feel free to bring outside ideas that we can use for the club and hopefully enter a couple of competitions throughout the year. Please bring any ideas to discuss in regards to computer science, current news articles, or simply add an idea for the club to talk about. Please download visual studio prior to the meeting, we will be going over visual basic-a great intro to graphical user interface programming. Here is the link to click: . It's a 'free' download. Contact Mr. Karlik, the club advisor, for more information about the club and joining. 

Middle School Book Club:

Do you love to read? So do we! By joining the Middle School book club, you will have the opportunity to read new books, meet new peers, and exchange ideas! Club members will meet monthly in Blackboard Collaborate. Books will be diverse and of varying grade level difficulty in an effort to appeal to a variety of readers, and members can submit books for consideration. Contact advisors, Ms. Lenahan or Ms. Moberg, for more information. 

High School Book Club:

When students are looking for a place to meet others and spend time together – the Keystone Book Club is a great venue. Not only does it give students a chance to read for pleasure, but it also allows students to participate in Discussion Boards and online meetings with one another. The Keystone Book Club started in 2010.  Since then, the club has read over 30 books together.  Ranging from classics like, The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mocking Bird, to new writings such as, The Maze Runner and Life of Pi. The Keystone Book Club is very student-driven. Students are given the opportunity to participate in the Leaders Council or just enjoy being a member of the club itself. The Leaders Council makes decisions regarding the club’s organization and function, as well as, leading the group’s meetings and discussion board conversations.  It is a great opportunity for students to learn how to take a leadership role and be responsible for different aspects of the Club. One of the greatest things about the book club is that you can choose to participate as much or as little as you would like. Students’ schedules vary throughout the year. The Book Club affords them the opportunity to participate when they have time, and take a step back from their membership when school work and other commitments become more strenuous. If a student is interested is joining the book club, they can contact advisors, Ms. Pursel or Ms. Jesaitis, for more ifnormation. 

Keystone Leadership Society:

Leadership and teamwork skills will help prepare you for your future educational and career paths. Participation and leadership roles will enchance any college application. This shows that prospective students are resourceful, dependable, can solve problems, and contribute ideas. Please contact the advisor, Ms. DiRado, for more information. 

Keystone Literary Magazine:

The Literary Magazine group is proud to share out the second edition of “The Rolling Keystone.” This magazine includes creative works by Keystone students and was formatted and edited by a group of four talented Keystone students. We hope you enjoy it, and if you find that you are interested in joining our group, please reach out to Ms. McClarren for more information.

**Physical copies can also be purchased, but if anyone is interested in doing that, please contact  and they will need to be purchased by the student/parent. 

Keystone Star Wars Club:

A LONG TIME AGO in a GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY....those words have brought generations of people together. The Star Wars club continues that tradition by having students interact with one another online to discuss all things Star Wars. The purpose of this club is to bring students from far and wide who love Star Wars together. The Star Wars club will cover a wide range of topics and activities for students to sink their teeth in. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) will be covered as well as art, volunteering, droid building, prop building, traveling, authors and collecting through special guest. Students will also get to participate in trivia challenges as well. So, come join in the fun. Contact the Student Success Advisors for more information....and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

History of Entertainment Club:

This club is student led where students present a historical topic and tie it to a piece of entertainment. Students pick their topic in advance, research and gather information on their topic. The topic must have some type of entertainment tie in piece (book, show, movie, etc). Students will then evaluate how the historical events were depicted in the piece of entertainment. The entertainment piece will be emamiled out to students ahead of time, so they have the optional opportunity to read/view the piece of entertainment prior to the club meeting. Students will have a month or more to view/read the monthly selection of entertainment. Given this opportunity, students will be able to actively participate in club discussion. Please feel free to reach out to the club advisor, Mr. Richmond, for more information. 

Anime Club:

Join the Anime Club! We will be hosting monthly meetings that help to teach and discuss the cultures around anime, k-pop, and manga with both student-and advisor-led presentations and discussions. Learn popular and commonly used phrases throughout anime, k-pop, and manga while talking with your peers and expanding your knowledge. Anime and manga-style drawing and art challenges will be held where students can provide constructive feedback to their peers on their favorite pieces of fan art! Opportunities for leadership are available through this club! For more information, reach out to club advisor Ms. Bridget Blosser for more information. 

Whole Body Wellness Club:

The Whole Body Wellness Club will meet twice a month and focus on topics that are student voted based on social, personal, emotional, academic, financial, and physical awareness.  All topics of discussion will be led by the club advisors and facilitated to include all students in attendance.  We will work on improving students’ self-awareness, communication skills, coping skills, stress management, decision-making, financial wellness, and goal setting throughout the fast-paced and technology-driven world that they are growing up in.  We will also tie in the importance of physical fitness and nutrition to our club meetings while not making it the main focus of personal wellness.  It is the intention of the club to have student volunteers make pushouts to send through Keystone’s social media platforms to help spread awareness of the importance of all aspects covered by the Whole Body Wellness Club to the rest of the student population.  For more information, contact club co-advisor, Ms. Natalie Bond.

Other ways to connect

Social Media:


Tallo is THE networking platform for students (and professionals!).  Students can create a profile which showcases their skills, talents, abilities and experiences.  Profiles will be made available to over 200 corporate and post-secondary partners so schools and companies can search for and identify the next generation of college and career-ready talent.  Talent seekers and students can establish direct connections and build relationships while students are still in high school. Visit today to create your free account! Stay tuned to be invited by our Student Success Advisors to webinars to help learn more about Tallo and how it can help YOU in your educational career!

Discussion Boards:

Discussion boards are available as a fun way to get to know other students attending The Keystone School.  Take a look at more information here on how to join!  Make sure to read the rules carefully to make sure you are using this fun tool in the right way.  Discussion boards are also a part of the academic work for middle school and high school online students. You'll find those Discussion Boards directly in your course and they are graded assignments.  

Outside of Keystone:

While online socializing can be fun, many students are also looking for ways to interact face to face with other people.  We encourage Keystone students to investigate opportunities for fun in their own community. Some suggestions are: 

  • Community athletics
  • Religious groups
  • Volunteering in your community
  • Community centers

See what your community has to offer and get involved!