Keystone's Strong Start Program

The Keystone Strong Start program is available for all new and returning students in High School and Middle School.  The purpose of the Strong Start program is to help students get started and be successful with their Keystone courses.  Over Keystone’s 40 years of serving students, we have found that the key to success is having a strong start. The Strong Start program follows students closely for up to the first four months of their time with Keystone.  The Strong Start program includes help with getting started, creating a schedule, check-ins about  progress, and regular meetings to go over tips on how to be successful with Keystone.  With the support provided by the Strong Start program, we have no doubt that you will have a great Keystone experience. 

The Strong Start program at Keystone remains an supported independent learning environment, we know that there are challenges to starting a new program.  You still have the opportunity to create a plan that works for you, but by sharing that plan before you get started, you have the added support of the Student Success Advisors.  

Resources for new parents and students: 

Contingency Plan

Walk to School Checklist

New Parent Welcome Tool Kit


Feedback from parents about their experiences with their Student Success Advisor: 

"Thank you for helping me. As a new parent to Keystone, its nice to know we get the support. One on Ones are an added touch! Thank you!"
"Mr. Puentes was very informative. It eased uncertainty with questions and a better understanding of what is required and how the program works."
"Mr. Puentes was very punctual with call and was supportive, positive and professional."
"The 1:1 was really helpful and Mr.Lombardo was very nice and kind."
"Mr. Lombardo gave me tips that I would never have considered and they worked!!!"