College and Career

Have you thought about life after high school?  Have you considered the careers that you might be interested in and whether or not you want or will need to attend college?  There is a lot to think about to get ready:  where to go, what to study, how to apply, how to pay or it , and more.

It’s never too early – or too late – to explore your options! 

The two most important questions related to college preparation is where to start and when. Adequate college preparation really begins in a student’s ninth-grade or the first year of high school with course selection! High school seniors begin their college applications in their senior year, but college preparation begins long before that. One of the most important factors for admission at a college is a student’s rigor in course selection and grades. Upper-level courses, including AP courses, make a student’s application extremely competitive. Many AP courses and upper-level courses have course prerequisites that require early planning to ensure the foundational courses are completed to allow entry into AP courses. Additionally, in order to score well on the two college admission tests, the SAT or the ACT, certain coursework should be completed or taken concurrently when you plan to take the tests. If you want to set your student up for college-admission success, strategic and advanced planning is critical. 


sat aND act test dates: 2018-2019

Students who are interested in going to a US College/University need to take either the SAT/ACT. The SAT/ACT is taken at the end of your junior year and/or beginning of your senior year. Most US Universities and Colleges accept either the ACT or the SAT. The deciding factor for most students is the content covered on the two tests. The SAT has a reading, math and optional writing section that includes Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry. The ACT has a reading, English, science and math and optional writing section. The ACT science section covers Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth/Space sciences. The ACT Math section covers Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and some trigonometry.

Remember to cite Keystone’s CEEB Code when you sit to take the tests! The code is 390363.

The registration and test dates for both tests can be found here-



PSAT: Only offered every October. Contact a local brick and mortar high school to register.



To register for the ACT, please visit:

Keystone CEEB Code: 390363



To register for the SAT, please visit:

Keystone CEEB Code: 390363

guidance services

Please visit the SAT/ACT Preparation of the guidance services course to learn more information about the SAT, ACT’s and learn more about our FREE preparation tool! Or, if you need more intensive support preparing for the SAT and the ACT, K12 can help! We offer SAT and ACT prep courses open to K12 and non-K12 students. Sessions are offered throughout the school year, and are aligned to the scheduled SAT and ACT test dates. Click here to learn how to enroll:  

Career Exploration

The Keystone School uses a career assessment program called Choices 360 to help you in discovering potential career opportunities.  Choices 360 is an instrument which provides a systematic method of gathering information to help students make informed academic and career decisions based on interests and personality traits. The information gathered from this program will be helpful in identifying academic majors, career fields and work environments that complement your personality and natural style. Much of the work in this program will be independent and you will be able to move through the assignments at your own pace.

How to create an account with Choices 360:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Create an Account”
  3. Enter Keystone’s Access Key: PA01212
  4. Select if you are a Middle School or High School Student, or Parent
  5. Enter your birthdate and enter in The Keystone School as your school


For Career Planning, click the Career Planning tab at the top.

  • Click Learn about Yourself to determine your interests, skills and work values and use them to find career options that are right for you.
  • Click Explore Careers for things like salaries, career cluster or look for specific careers.
  • Click Get a Job to create resumes, thank you letters, polish your interview skills and get help finding jobs in your area.

Another wonderful resource for exploring careers is the through the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has cataloged helpful and current information about various career paths for students. Check it out!

Home School Portfolios

If you would like to earn credit for a course that cannot be shown or stated on an official transcript, you must submit a completed home school portfolio. Here is a video about how to compile a portfolio and other related documents.

Portfolio Submission Guideline:

Sample Portfolios:
English and Language Arts:
Martial Arts:

Dual Credit 

  • Students can enroll in courses for dual credit and are encouraged to do so in their junior and senior years. This means that students are concurrently enrolled with Keystone and a college or university.
  • Students are responsible for making a connection with a college or university that will support dual enrollment. Students must receive authorization from Keystone prior to enrolling in a concurrent program to ensure the credits will transfer. Without Keystone authorization, college credits are not guaranteed to be accepted for Keystone transfer credit. Keystone provides a Dual Credit Approval Form to request this approval.
  • The full dual-enrollment policy can be found here:
  • The dual-enrollment approval form can be found here:
  • Dual-credits appear on the Keystone transcript as transfer credits, and will not count towards the cumulative Keystone GPA.
  • Families must arrange to have the official transcript sent from the College to The Keystone School after the course is completed to officially transfer the credit in

Transferring Credit to Keystone

If you attended an accredited school prior to Keystone or while enrolled in Keystone, and would like those credits transferred onto your Keystone transcripts, please fill out this form. The mailing address and the fax number  for where to send the completed form is found on the bottom of the form.

If you would like more information about Keystone’s Graduation Requirements and Transfer Credit Policy, please click here:

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